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Our Philosophy

We're fascinated by deep dives; exploring the "how" and "who" behind what we already know. Our team consists of skilled individuals who write, produce, and direct, but our true passion lies in storytelling. We thrive on sharing the stories that uncover the essence of knowledge. From scientists meticulously counting sea urchins to historians delving into 17th-century correspondence, our understanding grows thanks to the passionate individuals dedicated to curiosity. Behind every fact, there's a person with a unique story. We're here to tell those stories.

Our Work

PBS News Hour Ukraine Piece

Among the horrors of war, landmines and unexploded ordnances linger and kill for years afterward. Ukraine is littered with landmines and bombs from both sides. Clearing those explosives is a massive and complicated task, but two young Americans are working on a technological advancement that could make it easier.


The Missiles on Our Land investigates the human and environmental risks associated with the new Air Force land-based nuclear missile – dubbed the Sentinel.


This is what a giant Sequoia grove ravaged by wildfire looks like

Save the Redwoods League

Working closely with Save the Redwoods League, we bring their impactful stories to life through our creative lens.


Explore Our Animated Explainer Videos that Simplify the World of Intricate Topics

Who gets a ventilator?

We don’t want doctors playing God. Here’s how we avoid that.

The Vanishing Forest

Our kelp forests are largely unobserved, but now they are vanishing.

Skydio Drones

Working closely with Save the Redwoods League, we bring their impactful stories to life through our creative lens.

Moon Disaster

"In Event of Moon Disaster" is a thought-provoking multimedia installation that blurs reality and fiction, using deepfake technologies to reimagine history. It challenges audiences to question the authenticity of information in the digital age.

What’s Next?

Last May, Hobbs was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, commonly caused by exposure to asbestos. The headset allowed him see how radiation is very precisely applied to the lining of his lungs. Mesothelioma patients often have a life expectancy of about one year.

NYT Opinion: Essential Yet Impoverished

Ms. Rockwood, a certified nursing assistant in Worcester County, Mass., is not alone. The average home care worker in America makes just $16,200 a year.

My favorite place

A Captivating Exploration of Science, Collaboration, and the Imperative to Safeguard Our Changing World.

Land Mines, Drones and Machine Learning

In a field in Oklahoma, researchers are using new technology to spot deadly munitions built to maim and kill


Follow the dramatic personal journey of Hugh Herr, a biophysicist working to create brain-controlled robotic limbs.


Wildfires killed up to a fifth of the world’s giant sequoias in just two years, but stopping the devastation requires lighting even more fires in their groves.

Meet The Team

We're a bunch of passionate storytellers dedicated to creating impactful narratives that truly make a difference. Our team, spread across our offices in Portsmouth, NH and Los Angeles, CA, is a diverse blend of expertise and creativity. From capturing the wonders of science and the great outdoors to illuminating the human experience, we're committed to delivering authentic storytelling that leaves a lasting impression.

CEO, Founder

Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson (he/him) is an award-winning journalist, director, and producer and a co-founder of Smith Robinson Multimedia.

As a VFX production professional Andy contributed to Emmy award-winning series Gotham, Westworld, Stranger Things, and Agents of Shield among others; applying agile production techniques at CoSA VFX to develop a flexible, award-winning team.

As a documentary director and producer he’s covered everything from Rock n’ Roll with Supergroup Velvet Revolver, to the history of Kung Fu film with historian Ric Meyers. His work has screened at Actionfest, Comic-con, Buffalo International Film Festival, SingaFest Los Angeles, Durango Film Festival and many more.

Andy’s writing has been published on Scientific American and the Monterey Bay Herald, while his fiction has been nominated for the Kirkwood Literary Prize. 

CCO, Founder

Dominic Smith

Dominic Smith (he/him) is the EVP of Smith Robinson and also serves as Chief Creative Officer. He is an award-winning multi-hyphenate with extensive experience as a journalist, director and producer. 

Dominic has worked as a commercial video producer, documentary filmmaker, journalist, animator and designer across a wide range of mediums. He was a producer, cinematographer, editor and designer for PBS Nova’s “Augmented” – an official selection in Doclands 2020. He was nominated for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction at the 2021 Emmy awards for the New York Times Opinion Video “Who Gets a Ventilator” and won an Emmy for his work on “In Event of Moon Disaster,” produced by the MIT Center for Advanced Virtuality. 

Dominic’s work has been published in The New York TimesScientific AmericanInside Climate NewsSTAT NewsThe Boston Globe – among others, and he is also a Senior Video Director for Skydio Drones.

Executive Art Director

Molly Ferguson

Molly Ferguson (she/her) serves as our esteemed Executive Art Director, contributing her wealth of experience and expertise to our team. As a former member of the movie industry, including a stint at Dickhouse Entertainment in Los Angeles, Molly has developed a distinct passion for visual storytelling.

With a successful background as a freelance illustrator, Molly’s captivating editorial illustrations have adorned the pages of renowned online news publications, infusing life into news stories and engaging audiences. Her extensive digital illustration prowess and unwavering dedication to excellence yield visually stunning and captivating artwork that deeply connects with viewers. Molly’s diverse skill set, encompassing painting, photography, and exceptional customer service, enhances her artistic abilities.

In her personal life, Molly is inspired by vibrant shades of mustard yellow and enjoys culinary treats such as vegan hot wings and coffee heath bar ice cream. As a devoted summer enthusiast, she flourishes in the season’s warmth, funneling its energy into her creative work. Molly’s commitment to crafting art that elicits emotions and conveys powerful narratives distinguishes her as an extraordinary artist and a vital asset to our team.

We are honored to have Molly Ferguson on board, where her exceptional talent, extensive industry background, and steadfast dedication elevate our artistic ventures. Through her remarkable vision and skillful execution, Molly persistently inspires and captivates our community, leaving an enduring impact on the realm of visual storytelling.


Cynthia Zelaya Robinson

Cynthia Zelaya-Robinson is a talented documentary film director with a passion for storytelling and a strong background in music education. Originally from Los Angeles, Cynthia’s journey in the arts began as a classically-trained soprano. In 2009, she started her career in music education as an Arts Bridge scholar at UC Irvine’s School of the Arts. Since then, Cynthia has dedicated her skills to teaching students through various non-profit organizations, alongside running her private studio.

From 2013 to 2018, Cynthia made a significant impact as part of The Harmony Project, where she managed the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles at Exposition Park (YOLA at EXPO) program. Working closely with young musicians, both nationally and internationally, she played a vital role in their artistic growth and development. Cynthia also presented at the renowned Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Take a Stand Symposium and spearheaded a mentorship program, leaving a lasting impression on aspiring musicians.

Cynthia’s unwavering commitment to arts education and equity stems from her personal experience of not having access to music education during her formative years. This journey has fueled her passion to bridge the gaps and provide equal opportunities for aspiring artists from all backgrounds.

As a documentary film director, Cynthia brings a unique perspective and heartfelt storytelling to her projects. Her work aims to amplify voices, shed light on important social issues, and inspire positive change. With her rich background in music education, Cynthia stands out as a director driven by a deep sense of purpose.

Craft Service Director

PJ Ferguson

Introducing the one and only PJ Ferguson, our extraordinary 2-year-old prodigy and Director of Craft Services and Snack Time! With an unparalleled passion for all things munchies and creative, PJ brings an unrivaled level of expertise to our team.

PJ’s journey began at an early age, mastering the art of snacking with an infectious enthusiasm that knows no bounds. Armed with an insatiable appetite for adventure and an uncanny ability to detect the perfect snack combinations, PJ’s taste buds are second to none.

As the Director of Craft Services, PJ takes snacking to a whole new level of excellence. With a keen eye for detail, PJ meticulously curates an array of delectable treats, ensuring the highest standard of snack quality for our team. From goldfish crackers to fruit snacks and everything in between, PJ’s snack choices are legendary and guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of all.

But PJ’s talents don’t stop at snack time. With a glitter glue pen in one hand and a crayon in the other, PJ’s creative spirit shines through as the company’s crafting extraordinaire. With an avant-garde approach to art and a love for exploring vibrant colors, PJ’s masterpieces are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

When PJ isn’t busy satisfying the team’s snacking needs or unleashing artistic brilliance, you can find our tiny dynamo spreading contagious giggles and joy throughout the office. With an infectious laughter that can brighten even the dullest of days, PJ’s positive energy is the secret ingredient to our company’s success.