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We are proud to collaborate with Save the Redwoods League, a remarkable nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of coast redwood and giant sequoia trees. Their mission, centered around preemptive purchase of development rights in notable forested areas, aligns perfectly with our passion for storytelling through visual media.

Through our collaboration, we have had the privilege of creating short films, immersive multimedia experiences, event videos, and more, showcasing the awe-inspiring beauty and importance of these magnificent trees. Together, we aim to raise awareness and foster a deep appreciation for the vital role that coast redwoods and giant sequoias play in our ecosystem.

Working closely with Save the Redwoods League, we bring their impactful stories to life through our creative lens. Our team meticulously crafts short films that not only highlight the breathtaking landscapes these trees inhabit but also shed light on the conservation efforts and challenges faced in preserving these natural wonders for future generations.

Immersive multimedia experiences provide a unique opportunity to transport viewers into the heart of these ancient forests, allowing them to witness the majesty and grandeur firsthand. Through visually stunning visuals and captivating narratives, we aim to create an emotional connection that inspires action and support for the League’s conservation initiatives.

Non Profit Focus

Video Production, Immersive Media, Event Coverage, Music Composition, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics


Save the Redwoods League

Collaborating with Save the Redwoods League

Crafting Compelling Visual Narratives to Protect Ancient Trees

Giant Sequoia Lands Coalition progress 6:01

The Giant Sequoia Lands Coalition, of which Save the Redwoods League is a part, made progress last year to protect the ancient trees from the threat of catastrophic wildfires. But there’s much more work to do.

Save the Giant Sequoias 2:23

Save the Redwoods League actively collaborates with scientists, policymakers, and local communities to advocate for policies that prioritize the preservation and restoration of giant sequoia ecosystems. Through their unwavering dedication and strategic initiatives, the League is working tirelessly to secure a future where giant sequoias continue to inspire awe and play a vital role in our natural world.

Burning to save giant sequoias 4:04

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