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Ride. Eat. Look for outlets.

Two idiots attempt to ride electric skateboards 500 miles down California’s Pacific Coast Highway, unsupported. There’s no more iconic American Roadway than the Pacific Coast Highway: hundreds of miles of rolling and weaving cliff and beachside cruising that connect California’s largest cities. The wind in your face, the road beneath your feet – a new world of eboard touring.

What was once impossible becomes improbably fun as we explore the Golden Skate with boards, backpacks, and half a plan. We eat mountains for breakfast, and dine on dockside lobster for dinner without ever setting foot in a car. This is freedom. This is touring with electric skateboards.

A teaser for our upcoming documentary “Endless Coast” and our attempt to ride Lacroix boards 500 miles down California’s Pacific Coast Highway.

Music: “Surfing Llama” by Bird Creek //// “Gay Watch” by Aloha Sluts – Released to via 2015.…

Gear used: Lacroix Nazare / Lacroix Nazare Lonestar