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Tasked with showcasing Skydio’s cutting-edge drones, our focus is on highlighting the exceptional features that set these drones apart in the market. Our videos emphasize Skydio’s advanced AI and computer vision technology, which allows their drones to navigate autonomously, avoiding obstacles with unparalleled precision.

Through our videos, we aim to convey the essence of Skydio’s commitment to innovation and their status as a frontrunner in the autonomous drone sector. Our goal is to visually narrate the story of how Skydio drones are not just tools, but partners in creativity and efficiency, enhancing the capabilities of professionals across various industries.

Non Profit Focus

Video Production, Immersive Media, Event Coverage, Music Composition, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics


Skydio Inc.

Skydio X10 3:07

Spotlighting the Skydio X10 drone at a simulated night-time flood rescue on an old military base, illustrating its vital role for first responders, infrastructure operators, and the military. The shoot, featuring dozens of actors, police, and military personnel, demonstrates the X10’s advanced AI and sensor capabilities in high-stakes scenarios

Fall Release 1:35

Slackliners in Moab, rock climbers, aerial artists and alpine slides. It highlights the Dynamic Gimbal Roll, versatile Panorama Skill demonstrating Skydio’s innovation in capturing dynamic, high-action footage.

Branded Mini-documentaries

10,000 Poles 5:37

The utility industry is constantly evolving, and with that evolution comes new technologies that can help streamline processes and improve efficiency. One such technology is drone powerline inspection, which has the potential to revolutionize the way that utility companies inspect and maintain their infrastructure.

Bridge Inspection 6:09

In this video, see how a leading global engineering firm– Stantec, uses Skydio drones and 3D mapping to inspect vital bridges on Interstate 80 to help the Nevada Department of Transportation maintain their roadways. With Skydio drones, Stantec can collect the data the Nevada Department of Transportation needs of their critical infrastructure, efficiently address maintenance needs, and limit interstate closures for roadwork.

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