Follow the extraordinary personal journey of Hugh Herr, a biophysicist who has transformed his own life’s challenges into a quest for revolutionary advancements in bionics. At the tender age of 17, Hugh faced the life-altering amputation of his legs after a tragic climbing accident. Frustrated by the limitations of conventional prosthetic limbs, he embarked on a remarkable mission to revolutionize their design.

“Augmented” delves into Hugh Herr’s determined pursuit to create brain-controlled robotic limbs, propelled by his own experiences and the desire to offer enhanced mobility and functionality to individuals in similar circumstances. The film showcases Herr’s remarkable transformation from a frustrated amputee to an influential inventor, testing the boundaries of possibility in the field of bionics.

This captivating documentary takes viewers on an emotional and thought-provoking exploration of resilience, innovation, and the power of the human spirit. Witness Herr’s relentless drive as he confronts societal norms and revolutionizes the world of prosthetics. Discover the extraordinary scientific breakthroughs and cutting-edge technologies that promise to reshape the lives of countless individuals.

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Aired: 02/23/22