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Carbon Neutral

When it comes to science and adventure media, we understand what it takes to tell the story. From far flung mountains to the urban jungle, we execute professional productions under any conditions and with a minimal footprint. We anchor every subject with compelling video and graphics that cut through the noise and deliver an authentic story without any waste. Good video, less bullshit

Smith Robinson

One rule: No Bullshit

We've got over a decade working in on-location documentary production, music videos, commercial videography, adventure events, GFX, and emmy winning VFX production which means we've seen A LOT of crap.

When we started Smith Robinson Multimedia, we made one rule: No Bullshit.

That might be a strange rule for a media company, but it keeps us focused on work we believe in. It keeps us creatively honest and allows us to work with clients who also value authenticity. We bring this rule to every part of the process- from finding your essential message to using exactly the right tools for the job - cutting out the crap makes for a more rewarding process and results in better videos without any waste. That's good for the bottom line and its good for the planet.

From modern agile workflows to old fashioned seat-of-the-pants production, we embrace the chaos. Whether we’re executing your vision or providing creative - we put all of the value into the project. From initial creative, to production, to post; we cut out the bloat so you see 10x every dollar spent. The difference is thorough planning and broadly skilled, agile teams.

  • Multimedia Journalism
  • Documentaries
  • Music Videos
  • Interactives
  • Interviews
  • Title Sequences
  • Studio Production
  • EPKs
  • Explainers
  • Live Event Videography
  • Jumbotrons / Billboards
  • VR/AR/360/180 Video
  • 2nd unit/VFX plate videography

  • FAA Certified Drone Pilots
  • Videographers
  • Motion Graphic Artists
  • 3D Modelers
  • Particle Simulators
  • Web Development / Designers
  • App Developers
  • Music Producers
  • Rock Climbers
  • Scuba Divers
  • Stuntmen / Stunt Drivers
  • Kiteboarders
  • Boat Captains

Production without a Trace

  • Founders Andrew Robinson and Dominic Smith have executed high end video production while crossing two continents on bicycles, Norway on roller skis, and the arctic circle by ship. We pride ourselves in a light step and in keeping with that ideal, we offset our carbon footprint with Sustainable Travel