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what we do.



Award-winning journalists and documentary filmmakers - we know how to cut through the noise and tell an authentic story.



We've run hundreds of commercial productions and know how to achieve the best results in the most efficient way.


on location.

From far-flung mountains to the urban jungle, we execute professional productions under any conditions and with a minimal footprint.



Versatile and highly skilled, decades of experience in the visual effects industry means that we bring a level of understanding and consistency to a project not possible with creators who stay in one lane.


ready for anything.

The multidisciplinary team at Smith Robinson are constantly striving to learn new tricks and become masters of many trades. From modern agile workflows to old fashioned seat-of-the-pants production, we embrace the chaos. Harnessing all the tools of modern video production, motion graphics, game design, community building, and storytelling to weave immense, immersive multimedia experiences. Our team is fast, efficient and nimble, with over 20 years of combined experience at all levels of production.


in the field.

Mountains, jungles, deserts, and glaciers; we’ve been there. Pirate ships, Zombie apocalypses, ninja academies; we’ve created them. Conjuring and capturing badass multimedia is our forte, and we aren't afraid to get our hands dirty. If you need to document a 4000 year old tribe in the Congo that’s inaccessible by car? We can shoot that. If you need to show how that tribe migrated across a continent- we can animate that.


in the studio.

We work with your existing team to create fresh content for all channels- written, filmed, carved, and constructed - leveraging our broad skills and experience to produce professional media with a minimal footprint. Our combined efforts result in mobilizing your community with a distinct, creative call to action.

"technical wizards by nature."

Scientific American Head of Video

"Extremely creative makers and diligent journalists"

New York Times Senior Video Producer

“Everyone is over the moon happy - you made it easy.”

Cartoon Network Senior Production Manager

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