A feature length, award winning documentary following a bicycle ride to Rio de Janiero, Brazil from Los Angeles, California. The film was finished in 2015 and optioned by Fly on the Wall entertainment for a Youtube RED miniseries in 2016.

Consider this: the bicycle is the ideal instrument to see the world.

On a bike you are slow enough to immerse yourself in the character of new places, but fast enough that the experience is always fresh.  You can carry everything you need comfortably but not so much you can bring anything complicated.  When you tour by bicycle you occupy a special thread in the social fabric.  You are at once homeless and hardworking, impressive yet non-threatening, extremely cool but very approachable.  Complete strangers will want to talk to you and offer you their hospitality.  Did I mention you can eat whatever you want and you’ll still lose weight?

release date:


directed by:

dominic smith + andrew robinson

produced by

smith robinson multimedia


95 min.


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