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The Great E-Board Tour of 2020.


Utilizing Lacroix Electric Skateboard technology, this will be the first attempt at a long distance unsupported e-board tour.

500 miles.

Following the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway south from San Francisco to Santa Monica.


Everything goes on our backs. This is a true tour - that means carrying everything we need to survive and document the journey will get squeezed into two Goruck 40L bags.

filmed onboard.

Everything will be documented and filmed from the board. After years of trial and error we've figured out how to carry everything capable of capturing beautiful cinematic footage on our back.

riding with:

Where we’re going we don’t need cars.


san francisco to los angeles

500 miles - longest ever attempted - on America’s first and best highway. There’s no more iconic American Roadway than the Pacific Coast Highway: hundreds of miles of rolling and weaving cliff and beachside cruising that connect California’s largest cities. This tour will find us sleeping on beaches and in lighthouses, taking side trips to hot springs, exploring redwood forests, making surfing and kiteboarding stops before landing in Santa Monica, and finally tackling the 3rd steepest road in America - Eldred Street in LA.


lacroix nazaré lonestar™

The wind in your face, the road beneath your feet - Lacroix is opening up a new world of eboard touring. What was once impossible becomes improbably fun as we explore the Golden Skate with boards, backpacks, and half a plan. We eat mountains for breakfast, and dine on dockside lobster for dinner without ever setting foot in a car. This is freedom. This is touring with LaCroix. Highlighting the preposterous performance of a board that will take you anywhere you would dare to go, above all the range and performance under all conditions. “The vision was to create a board to have access to un-skied mountain ranges far in the depths of Patagonia, Mongolia or Iceland…. “

Day by day:

Day 1: Crissy Field > Half Moon Bay

Distance: 30 miles.


A cool 30 mile ride to give these wheels a good run for their money.

Points of Interest:
Points of Interest:
Day 2: Half Moon Bay > Santa Cruz

Distance: 50 miles.


Continuing down the PCH we make our way past lighthouses and pristine kiteboarding beaches to finish in the dirty hippy beach town of Santa Cruz.

Day 3: Santa Cruz  > Monterey

Distance: 50 miles.


Monterey Bay makes for beautiful ocean scenery, with breaching whales as a backdrop as we cruise down this easy, flatter section of the PCH.

Points of Interest:
Points of Interest:
Day 4: Monterey > Big Sur

Distance: 41 miles.


Things will start getting more interesting now as we make our way into one of the most iconic sections of the PCH and the 17 mile drive.

Day 5: Big Sur  > Treebones

Distance: 40 miles.


Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is one of the most iconic parts of the USA and we’ll take our time cruising through this section of the trip.

Points of Interest:
Points of Interest:
Day 6: Treebones > Cayucos

Distance: 51 miles.


Famous Elephant Seal Beach, the iconic Hearst Castle and the quaint town of Cambria make for a great end to the most iconic section of the trip as we move into Southern California.

Day 7: Cayucos  > Pismo Beach

Distance: 40 miles.


An easy day cruising with constant beautiful sights along the way, sweeping valleys, Morro rock, sand dunes, hard packed beaches to ride the boards on before reaching one of my favorite kiteboarding beaches in the world: Pismo.

Points of Interest:
Points of Interest:
Day 8: Pismo Beach > Santa Barbara

Distance: 100 miles.


The big one. On this day we’ll push the boards to the limit and try to squeeze 100 miles out of them in just one day. Waking up early, making stops to charge as frequently as possible – we’ll see if it’s possible to ride 100 miles in a day on Lacroix Boards. Maybe we’ll end up walking, maybe we’ll need to hitch hike… one way or another we’ll get there.

Day 9: Santa Barbara  > Ventura

Distance: 40 miles.


An easy day after the long haul, making a stop in Ventura and saying hi to the fine people at Patagonia.

Points of Interest:
Points of Interest:
Day 10: Ventura > Santa Monica

Distance: 60 miles.


Finishing out strong with a fully charged Lonestar we’ll make good time to Santa Monica along this iconic section of Highway 1.

Social Rollout

GOAL: To raise Lacroix brand awareness by demonstrating a new benchmark in e-board range and possibilities.  

FOCUS: Instagram / Youtube
    At least 1 post/day from the day’s photos with text about what it’s like riding and touring on a Lonestar
  • VIDEO:
    Informal Cell Video at least 1/day using Samsung S20 5G or iPhone 11 pro
  • LIVE:
    r/PAN on Wednesday on /Whereintheworld channel
    Insta: Signal permitting 2/ week live video
  • Meetup:
    Santa Monica eskate meetup arranged via Reddit at end of trip – also promoted on Instagram.
  • Paid promotions:
    Boosting visibility during the ride with a small paid outlay on INSTA stories
    Using “jump out” in scroll insta promo to grab attention – the board will appear to come out of the frame.  
  • Pro Video/Photos:
    At end of trip cleaned up photo and video will be turned over for use in future materials, in addition to a ~8 min short film about the trip (Lacroix will be listed as a partner on the film.), full product review videos for the boards and 5-10 mini-doc breakout films.
  • Scientific American EBoards Video
    The technical science behind eboards and what makes them spin.
  • Complete Video ToDo List:

    • Sci Am Video on Eboards
    • Mini-Doc Vimeo Staff Pick
    • Order drive thru on boards
    • Steepest Road in LA
    • How Fast Can These Boards Really Go?
    • Skateboarding Hall of Fame in Simi Valley
    • Morro Bay Skateboard Museum Operator Jack Smith
    • Blowing Past Watch your Speed Sign
    • 17 Mile Drive at Sunset
    • Pismo Beach Cruising
    • Lacroix Full Review
    • Lacroix Product Video
    • Santa Monica Meetup Video
    • Kiteboarder VS LaCroix Race on Pismo Beach
    • Lacroix Smart Brake Lights Review
    • Goruck GR2 Review
    • Sony A7Siii Adventure Videography Kit Review
    • Sony ZV1 vs GoPro Hero9
    • GoPro Hero9 vs Insta360 one R
    • GoPro Hero9 vs Dji Pocket 2
    • Insta360 vs Pocket 2
    • Moza Slypod Travel Review
    • Adventure Filmmaking on your back complete breakdown video

the team.

Mountains, jungles, deserts, and glaciers; we’ve been there. Pirate ships, Zombie apocalypses, ninja academies; we’ve created them. Conjuring and capturing thrilling experiences is our forte.

Founders Andrew Robinson and Dominic Smith have executed high end video production while crossing two continents on bicycles, Norway on roller skis, and the arctic circle by ship. We pride ourselves in a light step and in keeping with that ideal, we’ll be offsetting our carbon footprint with Sustainable Travel International.



GOAL: Everything will need to go on our backs.  

    Lacroix x2 w/Smart Brake Light GoPro Mounts
  • PACKS:
    Goruck GR2 40L with lots of attachments.
    A-Cam: Sony A7Siii
    B-Cam: Sony ZV1
    2x Gopro Hero9 (Attached to backpack)
    2x DJI Pocket 2 (Attached to backpack)
    2x Tascam DR10L Mics
    2x Smartphones on Wrists
    1x MOZA SLYPOD – Monopod/Slider Carbon Lightweight attached externally to pack
    2x Mini Tripods
    1x Diffusion Panel
    2x Boling LED Lights
    1x 15mm f2 ZeroD Lens
    1x 24-70 f2.8 Lens
  • Other:
    Padded protection
    1x Pants
    1x Shorts
    2x Shirts
    3x Underwear


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