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In episode one of our Everyday Adventurers series we sit down and chat with Stephen Slocum about his adventure thru-hiking the Appalachian trail in 2007. Interview filmed in 2016. Look out for more episodes starting in 2021 with awesome people from all different walks of life and the adventures they've had.

What separates the tourist from the adventurer? For me the answer is: unknown obstacles and uncertain success. When you embark on a journey with a fixed goal and only a rough outline of how to get there, you assume the risk that you might not get there. You are signing a contract with chaos. It is in those moments of hardship, when you're carrying

We've been using the Sony NEX/Alpha series of cameras ever since ditching our used and abused Canon 5D mkii for the much lighter, slightly more annoying to use NEX 5n. At the time, E-Mount was limited - there were probably only a dozen or so lenses available for it. Never-the-less, we bought two of these cameras to document our 10,000 bicycle ride from Los


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