Client: Fly on the Wall Entertainment / Youtube Red

A documentary following a bicycle ride to Rio de Janiero, Brazil from Los Angeles, California. The award winning documentary was finished in 2015 and optioned by Fly on the Wall entertainment for a Youtube RED miniseries in 2016.

Directed by Dominic Smith and Andrew Robinson.

Commissioned for:

Feature Documentary

Video Production

Post Production

Motion Graphics



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Augmented Trailer

Stills / Additional Video

6 Months on a bicycle

10,000 Miles traveled, everything hauled by bike.

In production for 6 months, and optioned by Fly on the Wall entertainment for Youtube Red to become a TV show, journeying around the globe by way of bicycle. The original journey started in Los Angeles, California and headed due south to: MEXICO > GUATEMALA > HONDURAS > COSTA RICA > PANAMA > COLOMBIA > ECUADOR > PERU > BOLIVIA > BRAZIL. Dominic Smith, Andy Robinson, Josh Orem and Miguel Ortiz rode together the whole 10,000 miles, from different backgrounds but a shared a thirst for finding adventure, in Panama City they met fellow traveler Mark Boyd, who they were delighted to have with them the rest of the trip.